Eggs with Decoupage Paper


Attach small pieces of Vivi Gade decoupage paper which is printed with silicone stamps onto papier-mâché and plastic eggs. Decorate with lace, flax twine, feathers and beads.

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Eggs with Decoupage Paper
Eggs with Decoupage Paper

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    How to do it
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    Paint the papier-mâché egg with white Plus Color Craft paint.
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    Dab some paint onto the silicone stamp. Use the large designs.
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    Stamp print onto the paper.
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    Tear the paper into small pieces and glue them onto the egg.
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    Use the small designs when stamping with Art Metal gold paint. You will not need the acrylic stamp block.
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    Attach a crochet lace border onto the top half of the egg.
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    Attach the flax twine over the lace border with small blobs of glue. Tie the twine and decorate with feathers.
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    Decorate the plastic eggs using the same procedure as for the papier-mâché egg but without the crochet lace border.
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    Make a hole in the egg and push a piece of bonsai wire through the egg. Bend to form a hook at the top and attach a bead at the bottom. Then twist to form a loop. Glue a feather onto the loop.
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