Coiled Basket Weaving bound together with stitches


Polypropylene rope decorated with Paper Raffia Ribbon is coiled, bound and sewn together with simple stitches to make small bowls or baskets.

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Coiled Basket Weaving bound together with stitches
Coiled Basket Weaving bound together with stitches

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    How to do it
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    Unfold the paper raffia ribbon to make the ribbon as wide as possible.
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    Cut a piece of rope measuring 3.5m and melt the end with a lighter. Wrap the paper raffia ribbon around the rope and secure with a small amount of glue. (This length of rope will make a 6cm high basket with a diameter of 11cm).
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    Use a piece of Paper Yarn to tie together the end of the rope to form a small circle with a hole in the middle. Tie with a simple knot.
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    Make loops all the way around the first round. Pull the Paper Yarn towards yourself and through the hole from the front to the back.
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    Fasten the loop after the first round. Fasten by passing the needle from the right towards the left onto the back.
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    Continue like this and place the rope on top of the previous round. The circumference of the bowl is determined by adding rounds of rope to the previous round. Finish and fasten with double stitching.
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