A Glass Lantern with Ceramic Paint


Glass Ceramic Paint dabbed onto the lantern through a flexible stencil and then fixed in an oven. Decorated with paper cord and bells.

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A Glass Lantern with Ceramic Paint
A Glass Lantern with Ceramic Paint

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    How to do it
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    Place the self-adhesive foil stencil onto the lantern. Due to the round shape of the glass, it is necessary to cut notches in the stencil.
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    Mix the colour using black and red glass ceramic paint. Dab on with a small foam stencil brush. Only use a small amount of paint, preventing it from getting underneath the flexible stencil. Remove the stencil immediately.
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    If the edge gets a little “frayed” you can rectify it with a damp brush.
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    When the paint is completely dry, write the text with red glass ceramic paint using the same procedure.
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    Dab on snow flakes and stars using white glass ceramic paint.
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    The glass ceramic paint is fixed in the oven at 160 degrees for 30 min.
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    Make tassels from paper cord.
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    Fasten around the lantern and tie bells onto the two ends.
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