Earrings with Rocaille Seed Beads


The triangle is made from shrink plastic sheets painted with colouring pencils. The rocaille seed beads are threaded onto a piece of wire and then attached onto earwires.

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Earrings with Rocaille Seed Beads
Earrings with Rocaille Seed Beads

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    How to do it
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    Draw an equilateral triangle, each side measuring 6cm on a piece of shrink plastic sheet.
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    Cut it out.
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    Decorate it with colouring pencils.
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    Make small holes at the bottom of the triangle (a total of seven) and one medium sized hole at the top of the triangle.
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    Let it shrink in the oven at 160°C (see the instructions on the shrink plastic sheets).
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    Cut seven pieces of beading wire. Close one end on each with a crimp bead.
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    Thread rocaille seed beads onto the wires as illustrated. The number of the top purple colour bead varies. Thread 13 purple beads onto the middle wires. On either side of the middle wire thread 10 purple beads. On either side of these, thread seven purple beads and on the last wires thread a further four purple beads. You now have a total of seven pieces of wire.
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    Attach the pieces of wire to the small holes on the triangle using crimp beads.
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    Thread an earwire through a round jump ring and attach this through the hole at the top of the triangle.
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