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Folding Boxes


A gift box cut from construction cardboard using a template. Use a bone folder to make the creases sharp, enabling you to fold the box easily. Then decorate the box.

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Folding Boxes
Folding Boxes

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    How to do it
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    Cut out the design from the template and draw it onto construction cardboard. Cut out.
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    Cut along the intact lines and score along the dotted lines. For scoring you may use the tip of a pair of scissors, a large needle with a round tip or a bone folder.
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    Use a glue stick for gluing Vivi Gade Design paper onto one side of the butterfly.
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    When the glue is dry, trim the design. Turn over and glue and cut the other side using the same procedure.
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    Outline the edge with 3D Liner on both sides.
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    Fold in the base as shown. As a variation you may shorten the pattern, resulting in a smaller box.
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