Flower Pots with Plus Color and Mosaic


Flower pots dabbed with Plus Color and glass mosaic with mosaic tile grout.

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Flower Pots with Plus Color and Mosaic
Flower Pots with Plus Color and Mosaic

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    How to do it
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    Paint the flower pot all over with Plus Color by dabbing lightly with a sponge.
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    Let it dry completely and glue on the mosaic tiles with Paverpol. Attach a piece of foam tape under the bottom row of mosaic tiles to get a straight edge.
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    Glue on a double layer of mirror mosaic tiles as they are thinner than the glass mosaic tiles.
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    Let the mosaic dry completely and apply the mosaic tile grout with a palette knife. Follow the instructions regarding the mosaic tile grout.
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    When dry, wash mosaic tile grout off the mosaic tiles.
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