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A decorative Owl and a Bag Vase for the Garden


Sewn in linen, decorated with Plus Color and starched with Paverpol products which make the items waterproof.

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A decorative Owl and a Bag Vase for the Garden
A decorative Owl and a Bag Vase for the Garden

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    How to do it
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    Cut the owl from the template: two bodies, one base and four wings.
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    Cut a circle and a square. Fray the edge lightly. Put the self-adhesive foil stencil on top and dab on Plus Color.
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    Cut out the eye and the beak from the pattern and use as a template.
    Guide step %d
    Make dots with the end of the brush handle.
    Guide step %d
    Pour paint into a refill bottle with a fine tip. Write the text with the bottle.
    Guide step %d
    Sew on the circle and the square with flax twine.
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    Sew the wings together and fill them with wire netting wrapped in tin foil.
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    Lay the wings down onto the body and sew them on. Only half sew on the base.
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    Shape the body in wire netting. It must be hollow.
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    Continue shaping the body with tin foil.
    Guide step %d
    Put stones in the base and roughly sew it together with cotton twine.
    Guide step %d
    Sew flax twine onto the ears as feathers.
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    Apply Paverpol products to make the owl waterproof. Mix approx. 100g Paverplast with 1 l Paverpol sculpting glue. Add a small amount of water if needed to make it easier to apply the glue. When dry, a second layer can be applied.
    Guide step %d
    Cut a piece of linen measuring 25 x 80cm for the bag and sew the sides together. Sew the bag corners at the base.
    Guide step %d
    Apply the Paverpol mix on both sides. Fold down the edge and insert a large glass item to support the bag during the drying process. When the bag is stiff, it is easier to apply the second coat of Paverpol mix.
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