A Nostalgic Christmas


Hand and machine embroidery on linen and aida fabric. It is decorated with rhinestones and glued onto papier-mâché hearts. A crochet lace border is glued all the way around the edge.

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A Nostalgic Christmas
A Nostalgic Christmas

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    How to do it
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    Cut linen fabric with a seam which can reach to the back using the papier-mâché heart as a template.
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    Cut a suitable piece of aida fabric and fray the edges.
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    Cut a design from the napkin and glue it onto the aida fabric using double-sided foil tape.
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    Attach this onto the linen fabric with needles and sew in place with back stitches.
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    Remove the foot from the sewing machine and sew “crazy” embroidery with different stitches in different shades of red.
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    Make French knots by twisting the thread three or four times around the needle and then pushing the needle down 1mm from the thread’s point of entry, whilst pulling the thread as shown.
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    Attach double-sided adhesive foil tape to the back of the linen fabric.
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    Place the heart onto the linen fabric. Cut notches and in the fabric and glue the flaps onto the back of the heart.
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    Glue the crochet lace border around the edge all the way around.
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