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Cones and Christmas Trees


Cones, tissue paper, Adhesive Lacquer and beautiful plastic beads on bonsai wire have become a beautiful cone and a Christmas tree. A good idea for young children.

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Cones and Christmas Trees
Cones and Christmas Trees

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    How to do it
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    When you need a lot of tissue paper squares, here’s a quick way to cut them. First cut strips from the layers and then cut them into squares.
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    Spread VTR Adhesive onto the papier-mâché cone and attach the pieces of tissue paper. Spread VTR Adhesive over the tissue paper.
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    Sprinkle glitter in the wet glue.
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    Thread beads onto the bonsai wire.
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    Make a hole in the cone with Revolving Punch Pliers.
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    Pull the bonsai wire through the hole. Put on more beads if you wish and twist the end into a coil.
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