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The Children’s Christmas project


Foam rubber circles glued together with a glue gun have been made into reindeer; with wooden beads for legs, die-cut card antlers and amusing eyes.

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The Children’s Christmas project
The Children’s Christmas project

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    How to do it
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    Christmas Decorations
    On this page we present some children’s suggestion for this year’s Christmas Easy Kit.
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    Colourful Pom-pom Reindeer
    Foam rubber circles glued together to make reindeer bodies, heads are made from pom-poms with wiggle eyes and die-cut card antlers glued on. Pipe cleaners are used as legs and pixie hats.
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    Long-legged Creatures
    Pom-poms used as bodies and pipe cleaners as legs. Wiggle eyes and foam rubber circles are glued on.
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    Flying imaginative Animals
    Cotton eggs are used as the head; pom-poms and pipe cleaners are glued on with funny eyes. Finally, attach to a peg.
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    Quirky Hiding Gnomes
    Cotton egg heads are glued into a felt cone. Funny eyes are glued onto the head and pipe cleaners are used as pixie hats. The hair is made from gold lametta.
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    Disco Pixies
    The pixies are made from pipe cleaners, the head and hands are made from pom-poms and hats are made from felt. Lametta hair is glued on with a glue gun.
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