A Transfer Design on a T-Shirt


We found the picture of the orange phone on the internet, printed it onto Transfer Paper and ironed it onto the t-shirt. NB: Instructions are included with the transfer paper.

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A Transfer Design on a T-Shirt
A Transfer Design on a T-Shirt

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    How to do it
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    Choose a design and print it onto Transfer Paper (use an Ink Jet printer).
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    Cut out the design to your desired shape (you may draw the outline with a pencil first...).
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    Separate the backing paper from the transfer.
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    Place the design on the t-shirt and iron it onto the t-shirt. Put a piece of baking paper between the design and the iron. (Turn the iron dial onto “cotton” - fix the print by pressing, moving the iron firmly for approx. 1 minute). Let the print cool for a few minutes. Then remove the baking paper.
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    Finally decorate with stamp printing using Textil Solid fabric paint.
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    Find cool designs on your computer or take your own pictures and print them out onto the transfer paper.
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