Paverpol Sculpture Glue


Transparent Paverpol is worked into Stockinette, Pavercotton and other materials and then draped around the masking tape covered bonsai wire skeleton.

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Paverpol Sculpture Glue
Paverpol Sculpture Glue

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    How to do it
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    Cut two equal length pieces of soft bonsai wire and one piece of bonsai wire a little shorter. Twist the two long pieces together to form the arms, body and legs. Twist the short piece to make a head as shown in the photo.
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    Twist the two wire ends from the head around the arms and gather at the waist with a piece of masking tape.
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    Form the body with tin foil and wind masking tape around it.
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    Stir Pavercolor into the transparent Paverpol – the color will darken when applied to the fabric. The Paverpol may be used without the Pavercolor and painted with Plus Color craft paint when dry.
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    Bend the figure into the desired position. Cut all the fabric into pieces/strips, dip in Paverpol, wring out most of the glue from the fabric and drape it around the figure.
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    When the figure has hardened, patinate it with metallic paint.
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