A Design Paperbook from Vivi Gade


Our Design Paperbook with paper and card from Vivi Gade Design offers a wealth of opportunities to make lovely decorations and cards in matching shades. The Paperbook also contains templates.

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A Design Paperbook from Vivi Gade
A Design Paperbook from Vivi Gade

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    The Paperbook contains 40 sheets of paper and 10 sheets of card. All the ideas below are made using paper from one single Design Paperbook. This still leaves quite a few sheets. You may want to blacken the edges to achieve an old look. You can make small, fine dots using a Paper Pen. Enjoy.
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    The templates for the classic woven hearts is available in two variants in the Paperbook. See idea No. 1335 for instructions of how to weave a heart.
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    Make a double cone by following the instructions in idea No. 11264.
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    The Vivi Gade folding box is made following the instructions in idea No. 1340.
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    Lovely to and from cards.
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    The decorations are assembled in pairs around a ribbon for hanging.
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    The folded envelope cards are folded from a single piece of paper. These are made by following the instruction in idea No. 11418.
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    The cards become extra special when decorated with ribbon.
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    The template for these lovely cones is included in the Paperbook.
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    The parts for the figures on these cards are cut following the templates in the Paperbook.
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    Using the woven hearts looks really attractive when decorating the cards.
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