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Hanging Decorations for Halloween with Honeycomb Paper


Attach black elastic cord to these hanging decorations. They are made from black card, using a template. All with 3D effect using honeycomb paper which is attached with power tape. Details are drawn using a black Poster Hobby Marker.

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Hanging Decorations for Halloween with Honeycomb Paper
Hanging Decorations for Halloween with Honeycomb Paper

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    How to do it
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    Print the template, which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Cut out the templates, copy them onto a piece of card and cut them out.
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    Fold the card circle in half, making a fold in the middle. This will be the card shape's tummy. Attach double-sided tape.
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    Fold the circle vertically along the glued back of the honeycomb paper; each half of the circle on either side of the glued back. NB; the lines of the honeycomb paper should be horizontal.
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    Cut around the card circle and carefully unfold the concertina paper.
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    Attach double-sided tape onto the back of the honeycomb paper (the card circle) and attach the “tummy” onto the cut-out shape.
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    Use a marker for drawing eyes, nose and mouth on the card shape. Make a hole for hanging. Attach a piece of string.
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