Needle felted Pixies in Pots


Two red-nosed pixies made from carded wool which is felted onto a polystyrene ball. Each has a felted pixie hat on their head. The eyes are shaped from Silk Clay and attached with a nail. The pixies are then placed in individual terracotta pots.

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Needle felted Pixies in Pots
Needle felted Pixies in Pots

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    How to do it
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    Print and cut out the template for the pixie hat which is available as a separate pdf file for this idea. Spread a piece of carded wool – slightly larger than the hat template – onto the needle felting foam pad. Needle felt the actual outline of the hat template with a felting needle.
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    Felt the wool tightly by pushing the felting needle up and down repeatedly. NB: Lift the wool away from the needle felting foam pad every now and again to avoid the wool being needle felted onto the pad.
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    Decorate the needle felted hat with dots/stripes which are felted onto the hat using the same procedure as the one used for the hat.
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    Make a tight fold at the edge of the hat as shown. This is where the pixie's face will be once the hat is assembled and finished.
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    Assemble the hat and felt the sides together. Use your fingers to work/part the wool fibres on the inside of the hat so that the hat remains hollow.
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    Use your hands and a felting needle to form the hat into your desired shape.
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    Place some carded wool onto a polystyrene ball (the pixie's head). Felt the wool onto the polystyrene ball.
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    Make eyes from white Silk Clay and attach them to a nail. Attach a small black Silk Clay ball (the pupils) to cover the head of the nail.
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    Shape and felt a red nose directly onto the pixie's head.
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    Felt the hat onto the head and place the pixie in a small pot, so that it peeks over the edge of the pot.
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