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Rhinestones, size 10-15 mm, , 15g


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An assortment of brightly coloured faceted rhinestones in various shapes with a flat back.
size 10-15 mm
Ideas made from this product
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  • Inspiration: 14193 A standing Frame decorated with Foam Clay and Rhinestones
  • Inspiration: 14410 Glitter Glue & Rhinestones on Wooden Christmas Hanging Decoration
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  • Inspiration: 14421 Hanging Decoration with pastel-coloured Foam Clay & Rhinestones
  • Inspiration: 14420 An Angel with a Cone Body covered with Foam Clay
  • Inspiration: 14645 Textile Decoration on a Neck Pouch
  • Inspiration: 15157 An Angel with Foam Clay Glitter and Silk Clay
  • Inspiration: 15556 Wooden Christmas hanging Decorations with Rhinestones
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