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Acrylic Varnish, , Glossy, 100ml


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Clear, water-based acrylic varnish - dries to give transparent and water-resistant surface.
Ideas made from this product
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  • Inspiration: 14524 A painted and varnished Terracotta Bauble decorated with gold raised Lines
  • Inspiration: 14348 Wooden Angels painted with Oil Pastels, Craft Paint and Lacquer
  • Inspiration: 15008 A Tray with a Nutcracker stencilled Design
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  • Inspiration: 15265 Medusa and the Tentacle Monster from Papier-Mâché, Silk Clay and Pipe Cleaners
  • Inspiration: 15406 A Candlestick decorated with a Nutcracker Figure, Christmas Trees and mini Glass Beads
  • Inspiration: 15407 Wooden Nutcracker Figures decorated with Glitter
  • Inspiration: 15409 A wooden Figure for hanging decorated with Plus Color and Glitter
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 11635 Collages on canvas
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  • Inspiration: 13514 A painted and varnished decorative Word - “Love”
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