NABBI BioBeads Creative Kit


NABBI BioBeads Creative Kit

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Please note: We do not recommend ironing NABBI BioBeads together with standard NABBI beads as the standard beads are more heat sensitive than NABBI BioBeads.

Content: beads, pegboards, ironing sheets and motifs..

Beads set containing everything you need to make five beautiful Christmas motifs.

With our creative kit, it's easy to get started making Christmas motifs out of NABBI BioBeads. NABBI BioBeads are fuse beads made from a material called Biodolomer – and they're biodegradable. If you choose to iron NABBI BioBeads with an iron, remember to place baking paper between the iron and the beads, and move the iron in a circular motion with light pressure until the beads have fused together.

If you need creative Christmas moments in December, this kit is perfect. They're perfect for quality creative time with you and your children – and together, you can make five beautiful Christmas bead motifs. Attach string to the finished designs and hang them on the Christmas tree branches or in your windows at home. Just like that, you have very own bead decorations that can be used year after year

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Retail quantity 1 pack
Content quantity 1 pack
Motif/shape Christmas car, reindeer, snowman, elf and gift
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