NABBI BioBeads classroom set


NABBI BioBeads classroom set

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Contents: 30,000 pcs. and 21 assorted pegboards.

With the biodegradable BioBeads and BIOplastic pegboards from NABBI, it's now much more environmentally friendly to make shapes and patterns using fuse beads.

Place the beads one at a time on a pegboard in the desired pattern. Then, place baking paper on top of the beads and gently press over the baking paper until the beads fuse together. Let the beads cool down before removing the baking paper and lifting off the motif.

These beads are produced from a material called Biodolomer, which is especially environmentally friendly, both in production and at the end of its life cycle, as the beads are biodegradable. So this product is a great choice if the environment and sustainability are important to you next time you or your children want to get creative with beads.

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Content quantity 1 set
size 5x5 mm
Colour pastel colours
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