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Hanging Ornaments, D: 13 mm, hole size 5 mm, gold, 25pcs


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Hanging with a collar in metal for mounting in subjects with hole.
D: 13 mm, hole size 5 mm
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 13356 Natural Eggs coloured by using Crepe Paper
  • Inspiration: 13358 Natural Eggs painted with Watercolours
  • Inspiration: 13549 Hanging Goose Eggs with glued-on Vintage Die-Cuts
  • Inspiration: 13899 Natural Eggs with Glass Paint and black Graphics
  • Inspiration: 14433 An Egg with patterned Decoupage in pink Harmony
  • Inspiration: 14432 An Egg with Graphics made with Glass & Porcelain Markers
  • Inspiration: 14428 A black Egg with white Doodle Drawing
  • Inspiration: 14434 Painted Eggs with Gold, decorated with Rhinestones
  • Inspiration: 14431 An Egg painted with Watercolours
  • Inspiration: 15013 A Christmas Bauble with Faux Leather Paper made to look like a Cone