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Wool yarn, L: 125 m, petrol, maxi, 100g


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Good quality superwash treated wool yarn of 55% wool and 45% polyacrylic. 14 m x 19 p = 10x10 cm on stick No. 6. Wash at 30 ° C gentle wash.
L: 125 m
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 15602 A wall hanging decoration with wool on embroidery frames
  • Inspiration: 15570 A wall hanging with punch needle embroidery
  • Inspiration: 15525 A hat knitted with a twist cable pattern and a pom-pom
  • Inspiration: 15707 A seat for a stool using a punch needle
  • Inspiration: 15710 Needle punch application on a faux leather paper shopping bag
  • Inspiration: 15706 A cushion with a butterfly design made with a punch needle
  • Inspiration: 15709 A basket with punch needle embroidered designs
  • Inspiration: 15708 Punched needle embroidered butterflies in an embroidery frame