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Deco Foil, W: 15.5 cm, pink, 50cm


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Decorative foil with metallic surface. Transferable to cardboard, paper, wood, etc. with adhesive tape, powertape, fix glue.
W: 15,5 cm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 15222 A Mobile with metallic Deco Foil
  • Inspiration: 15234 A Greeting Card with Deco Foil using a hand-drawn Design
  • Inspiration: 15381 A Place Card with a punched-out Vellum Paper Butterfly
  • Inspiration: 15394 A Place Card with a Balloon decorated with Deco Foil, Embossing and a Rhinestone
  • Inspiration: 15395 A Menu Card with Card Balloons decorated with Deco Foil
  • Inspiration: 15335 An Invitation with punched-out Butterflies and Deco Foil
  • Inspiration: 15340 An Invitation with Balloons decorated with Deco Foil and embossed Paper
  • Inspiration: 15804 Wooden Christmas baubles decorated with Art Metal paint and deco foil
Ideas made from a varient of this product