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A star-shaped Pixie made from Felt with Glitter


This pixie's body is made from felt with glitter. It is made as a 5-pointed star which is sewn together. A pre-decorated head is glued onto one star point and decorated with a pointed felt hat. Wooden beads are glued onto each of the other star points for hands and feet.

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A star-shaped Pixie made from Felt with Glitter
A star-shaped Pixie made from Felt with Glitter

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    How to do it
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    Print the template which is available as a separate PDF-file for this idea. Cut out the star, copy it onto felt twice and cut out.
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    Place the two pieces of felt together (inner side against inner side) and sew along the edge of four of the five star points. Use sewing thread which is doubled-over twice. Secure at the end and fill the star with polyester stuffing.
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    Fold the open point downwards and inside the star.
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    Use a glue gun for gluing the head onto the opening.
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    Cut out the hat from the template and copy it onto felt. Cut out and glue together.
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    Glue the hat onto the head and the wooden beads (for hands and feet) onto the ends of each star point.
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