Modelling and moulding

If your inspiration is for modelling and moulding, many think of modelling clay. But there are so many more opportunities than just that. Here you will find ideas for modelling with Silk Clay, sculpting with plaster and casting with concrete.

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  1. Inspiration: v15934 A papier-mâché head decorated with paint
    Make a 3D portrait by attaching a balloon onto a card tube covered with duct tape and cover the balloon and the tube with papier-mâché pulp. When dry, paint the head with craft paint.
  2. Inspiration: v13933 Reindeer made from Papier-Mâché Cones, Silk Clay and Foam Rubber

    These two reindeer are each made from a papier-mâché cones. Feet, noses, eyes and a tassel at the top are all made from Silk Clay and pushed onto the cone. The antlers are cut out from foam rubber and attached onto the cone with glue.

  3. Inspiration: v12739 Polystyrene Bat
  4. Inspiration: v12555 A Silk Clay Gingerbread Man
  5. Inspiration: v12450 Angels from Gauze Bandage
  6. Inspiration: v11358 A simple Zinc Frame with Papier-Mâché Pulp

    The beautiful zinc frame is great for rough collages with natural materials. Here we have chosen simple peeled branches tied with rope and put in the pulp collage. Glue a small canvas panel measuring 12.5 x 12.5cm onto the back of the zinc frame. Make a small amount of pulp. Follow the instructions on the bag. Form small blobs of pulp and put them into the frame. Put branches on top and add some stones, simple beads or other items if you wish. During the drying process the pulp may shrink and detach itself from the canvas panel. If so, glue it back with a glue gun at the very end.

  7. Inspiration: v1594 Potty Easter animals

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