Modelling and moulding

If your inspiration is for modelling and moulding, many think of modelling clay. But there are so many more opportunities than just that. Here you will find ideas for modelling with Silk Clay, sculpting with plaster and casting with concrete.

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  1. Inspiration: v15277 Heart-shaped Candle Holders cast from coloured Cera-Mix Plaster Casting Compound
    Make these lovely heart-shaped tealight candle holders from Cera-Mix Standard plaster casting compound mixed with paint and water.
  2. Inspiration: v14495 A Star cast from Plaster
  3. Inspiration: v14370 A cast Concrete Platter
  4. Inspiration: v13195 A Snowflake made from Pipe Cleaners and Plaster

    This snowflake is modelled from pipe cleaners, dipped in plaster, sprinkled with crystal glitter and hung on a piece of silver ribbon.

  5. Inspiration: v13112 Bowls made from Gauze Bandage
  6. Inspiration: v12899 Gauze Bandage on Bonsai Wire
  7. Inspiration: v12898 A-Color Glass on Gauze Bandage
  8. Inspiration: v12880 Sculptures with Gauze Bandage
  9. Inspiration: v10916 Pewter Jewellery
  10. Inspiration: v12452 Gauze Bandage Angels
  11. Inspiration: v12450 Angels from Gauze Bandage
  12. Inspiration: v12311 Sculpture Houses

    These houses are moulded using shape cutters which are pressed into a layer of sand on a paint tray. Stone and glass mosaic are pushed into the sand and finally the casting compound is poured into the shape cutter.

  13. Inspiration: v12010 A Sculpture with Gauze Bandage

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