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Face painting, costumes and accessories

Face painting, costumes and accessories

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  1. Inspiration: v15061 A Mummy Halloween Costume
    A white table runner is painted with luminous paint (so that the costume glows in the dark) and is then cut into strips and tied around the child with visible knots. This child is wearing white tights and a white longsleeved top underneath, so that the strips do not have to cover the entire body for a great result. Finally, white face paint is applied to the child's face as well as grey face paint around the eyes and red face paint to make it look like blood.
  2. Inspiration: v14436 A fun pretend Microphone
  3. Inspiration: v13846 A luminescent Mask for Halloween

    This mask is made luminescent by applying three or four coats of the luminescent paint, “Glow in the Dark”. The black details are painted as well as drawn onto the mask using Plus Color craft paint and a Uni Posca Marker.

  4. Inspiration: v12148 Hand Puppets
  5. Inspiration: v12133 Cadiz Masks
  6. Inspiration: v11246 Card Animal Masks

    The card masks are painted with glossy A-Color paint in different colours. Each colour paint is poured into a refill plastic bottle with a nozzle. The advantage is that the tip of the bottle can be used as a painting tool.

  7. Inspiration: v11203 Masks Venice
  8. Inspiration: v11201 Rhythmical Instruments
  9. Inspiration: v11196 Helmets – Role Playing
  10. Inspiration: v11197 A Shield
  11. Inspiration: v10924 Scary Masks
  12. Inspiration: v10698 Gauze Bandage Face Mask
  13. Inspiration: v10691 Eulenspiegel Face Paint

    Eulenspiegel high quality water-based face paint. Ideal for school clubs and professional use. Safe to use for adults and children. Contains no paraben/perfume/gluten. Complies with current health & safety regulations. Washes off easily with soap/water.

  14. Inspiration: v10690 Face Paint – A Bird's Face
  15. Inspiration: v10607 Face Paint
  16. Inspiration: v10590 Make a Puppet Theatre
  17. Inspiration: v1036 Gauze Bandage Masks

34 Items

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