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Here you'll find products, you can use to make decorations for your home, and lots of exciting home decor ideas you can make yourself. Whether you like to crochet, work with leather paper, decorate items or something else, you can find inspiration DIY home decor here.

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  1. Inspiration: v16134 Gauze bandage on canvas
    Create 3D art on a canvas. It's easy to get started, because it does not require a lot of tools or techniques and does not take long. You will need gauze bandage strips, a canvas, acrylic paint, scissors, a brush and a bit of water.
  2. Inspiration: v16129 A poster with lino printing
  3. Inspiration: v16142 Boxes with fabric decoupage
  4. Inspiration: v16140 Sculptures from mixed clay
  5. Inspiration: v15951 Brand patterns on bamboo cutlery
    Decorate bamboo cutlery with a pyrography tool for a present that your guests can take back home to use as a replacement for disposable cutlery.
  6. Inspiration: v15986 A macramé Christmas bauble
  7. Inspiration: v15983 Bluebells from crepe paper
  8. Inspiration: v15864 Re-usable food wraps from patchwork fabric and beeswax
    Melt beeswax into patchwork fabric and use it as an alternative food wrap or as a lid for jars and bowls. The food wrap can be used again and again and is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Keep in a clean and dry place; flat, folded or rolled up. NB: do not use for meat or fish.
  9. Inspiration: v15860 A faux leather paper basket with a crocheted raffia paper yarn edge
    Make a faux leather paper basket with crocheted edge from raffia paper yarn. Use a screw punch for making the holes along the edge for crocheting.
  10. Inspiration: v15880 A macramé plant hanger

Items 1-36 of 362

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