There are many techniques for decorating, and we hope you will be inspired by all of our ideas. What do you think about decoupage or mosaic on candle holders, porcelain painting on mugs or making a collage?

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  1. Inspiration: v14940 Jigsaw puzzles for Colouring in and Decorating
    These thick card jigsaw puzzles are coloured in and decorated with Colortime markers.
  2. Inspiration: v14406 A painted and decorated self-assembly Card Angel
    This angel made from punched-out card is decorated with Colortime markers according to your imagination and then assembled. It is decorated further with sequins and a cut out and glued on picture.
  3. Inspiration: v13744 A natural Wreath with red Decorations

    This natural wreath is decorated with red satin ribbons, small bells on a piece of red natural hemp, red-painted and varnished papier-mâché and wooden stars as well as stars formed from soft aluminium wire. Fresh larch twigs are attached randomly.

  4. Inspiration: v13590 Clipboards with Decoration
  5. Inspiration: v13313 A decorated Clip Board
  6. Inspiration: v13077 Bunting with Screen Stencil Prints, Stripes and Dots
    Bunting made from punched-out flags which are decorated with screen stencil prints, painted stripes and dots.
  7. Inspiration: v11628 Vintage Hearts
  8. Inspiration: v11610 Country Boxes
  9. Inspiration: v11571 Teach Me the Food Chain
  10. Inspiration: v11246 Card Animal Masks
  11. Inspiration: v11215 A Parade Costume Bird Children

Items 1-36 of 37

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