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Become inspired and immerse yourself in traditional needlework. Here you will find tons of free ideas for knitting, sewing, embroidery and crochet and much more - for example: free knitting recipes. All ideas have a step by step guide, so you receive thorough instruction without skipping details.

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  1. Inspiration: v15744 An angel needle-felted onto polystyrene
    Make this angel by needle felting carded wool onto a polystyrene egg. The angel is then decorated with rocaille seed beads and a piece of cotton yarn is attached for hanging.
  2. Inspiration: v11462 Funny woollen Monsters
  3. Inspiration: v14391 An Angel made from Craft Felt
  4. Inspiration: v13927 A Mouse made from wet felted Merino Wool

    This little mouse with ears and a tail is made from wet felted Merino Wool. The ears and the tail as well as the nose and the eyes, made from black felt, are are attached by needle felting them onto the body.

  5. Inspiration: v13918 Needle felted Pixies in Pots
  6. Inspiration: v13644 A Needle-felted Picture
  7. Inspiration: v13378 Pixies made from Silk Clay and Pipe Cleaners with Felt Dresses

    These three pixies are made from pipe cleaners with Silk Clay heads. Wiggle eyes are pushed into the wet Silk Clay head. The felt dresses and hats are glued onto the pipe cleaner frame. A piece of gold thread is attached at the top for hanging.

  8. Inspiration: v13155 A Felted Mushroom
  9. Inspiration: v12849 A Felted Bag for an Ipad
  10. Inspiration: v11828 Reindeer with a Felt Blanket
  11. Inspiration: v11790 Felt Cases for Glasses and Mobile Phones

    Felt is cut and sewn with mercerised cotton yarn to make small cases. The decoration is either needle felted or cut in felt which is then sewn or glued onto the case using textile glue.

  12. Inspiration: v1483 A Wet-Felted Scarf
  13. Inspiration: v1459 An Elf-Shaped Pixie Hat
  14. Inspiration: v880 Knitted, Felted Slippers

31 Items

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