Creativity with paper and card

One of the most popular activities is creativity with paper and card. This is because anyone can do it….from cut-outs, to origami from scrapbooking to card making. Here is where you’ll find all our ideas.

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  1. Inspiration: v15978 Crepe paper mistletoe
    This crepe paper mistletoe is made with glitter berries and is gathered with a red glitter ribbon tied in a bow.
  2. Inspiration: v15979 Crepe paper poinsettia
  3. Inspiration: v16081 A poppy from crepe paper
  4. Inspiration: v16082 A peony from crepe paper
  5. Inspiration: v16084 A crepe paper tulip
  6. Inspiration: v16083 Cosmos crepe paper flowers
  7. Inspiration: v15983 Bluebells from crepe paper
  8. Inspiration: v15976 3D Christmas baubles made from handmade paper
    Make a 3D Christmas bauble by cutting out five identical shapes from a template. Sew them together laid on top of each other using a sewing machine. Secure the ends by tying a knot at each end. Unfold the Christmas bauble from the centre. You may decorate the bauble with glitter glue on the edges.
  9. Inspiration: v15639 Stamped leaves on canvas
  10. Inspiration: v15548 Angels with a Cone Body
    Cut the angels' body from patterned design paper using a template. The hair is made from thin mercerised cotton yarn which is stapled on using a stapler.
  11. Inspiration: v15252 A Bag made from patterned Faux Leather Paper
    Sew your own bag from patterned faux leather paper which is moistened in water and scrunched up before sewing together. The bag may also be used as a flower pot.

Items 1-36 of 156

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