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Let children use their creative skills with exciting ideas for indoors and outdoors activities. On this page you'll find lots of child-friendly inspiration with guides.

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  1. Inspiration: v15075 Gilding on Papier-mâché
    Gold imitation metal leaf gives a beautiful effect on papier-mâché products. Make an adhesive surface on the product (with Fix Glue), place the gold imitation metal leaf on top and brush away excess gold imitation metal leaf.
  2. Inspiration: v15074 Mosaics on Papier-maché
  3. Inspiration: v15095 Drawing on Glass with Contour
  4. Inspiration: v15101 Dabbing Technique on Plastic
  5. Inspiration: v15089 Relief Technique on Terracotta
  6. Inspiration: v15132 A Jewellery Box with a Mermaid Design decorated with Markers and Sequins
    This jewellery box with a pre-printed mermaid design is painted with craft paint and then the design is coloured in with markers and decorated with sequins.
  7. Inspiration: v15059 Decoupage on Papier-mâché
  8. Inspiration: v15083 Drawing on Porcelain
  9. Inspiration: v15080 Relief Technique with 3D Liner
  10. Inspiration: v15078 Decoupage on Wood
  11. Inspiration: v15077 Mosaics with Filler
  12. Inspiration: v15061 A Mummy Halloween Costume
  13. Inspiration: v15037 Craft Paint on Stones
  14. Inspiration: v15034 Earrings with Flowers from Rocaille Seed Beads
    Size 3 rocaille seed beads are threaded onto a piece of jewellery wire. Flowers are made as you go along using a simple technique. A French earwire is attached afterwards.
  15. Inspiration: v14930 A Pirate Money Box
    A wooden treasure chest money box painted with craft paint and decorated further with Plus Color markers (craft paint in a pen).

Items 145-180 of 687

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