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Let children use their creative skills with exciting ideas for indoors and outdoors activities. On this page you'll find lots of child-friendly inspiration with guides.

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  1. Inspiration: v12427 A Canvas Panel with Print

    Etch a drawing into a sheet of foam rubber and use this as a printing plate. Brush the printing plate with glossy black A-Color Acrylic Paint and print onto the canvas panel which has been pre-painted with a light colour.

  2. Inspiration: v12423 Laminated Place Mats
  3. Inspiration: v12422 Laminated Clocks
  4. Inspiration: v12417 Silhouette Art from Black Card
  5. Inspiration: v12414 A Crepe Paper Rose
  6. Inspiration: v12346 Pop Up Line on Metal
  7. Inspiration: v12209 Chicks on Sticks
  8. Inspiration: v12202 Templates for Card Hanging Decorations
    These hanging decorations on birch branches are made from card, tissue paper, self-adhesive googly eyes and glitter pom-poms. They are made using templates which are available as a separate PDF files for this idea.
  9. Inspiration: v12143 Rio Carnival Masks
  10. Inspiration: v12133 Cadiz Masks
  11. Inspiration: v12132 Rio de Janeiro Masks
  12. Inspiration: v12034 A Trivet with Collage
  13. Inspiration: v12033 Notebooks with Collage
  14. Inspiration: v12028 Cones with Decoupage
  15. Inspiration: v12003 Elephants in Color Bar
  16. Inspiration: v11873 Stuffed Paper Hearts

    These are cut out hearts, filled with polyester stuffing and then sewn together. They are decorated with sequin ribbon and pom-poms.

  17. Inspiration: v11454 Fun Polystyrene Sheep
  18. Inspiration: v11413 A Vivi Gade Mobile
  19. Inspiration: v11355 Prism chicks with hats
  20. Inspiration: v11246 Card Animal Masks
  21. Inspiration: v11203 Masks Venice
  22. Inspiration: v11202 New York Masks

    Draw simple lines with a thick permanent marker. Then apply Art Aqua Pigment watercolors with a soft nylon brush and water.

  23. Inspiration: v10951 Floating Pumpkins
  24. Inspiration: v10924 Scary Masks
  25. Inspiration: v10690 Face Paint – A Bird's Face
  26. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect
  27. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage

Items 109-144 of 157

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