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Let children use their creative skills with exciting ideas for indoors and outdoors activities. On this page you'll find lots of child-friendly inspiration with guides.

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  1. Inspiration: v16192 Personalised insulated mugs with colourful decorations
    With watercolours and silk salt, children are able to create beautiful play of colours and make hand prints or lovely drawings on top. Insert the finished picture as decoration into the transparent part of the insulated mug. This is great, personalised and practical gift idea!
  2. Inspiration: v16207 A box with a personalized lid
  3. Inspiration: v16178 Cakes from boxes
  4. Inspiration: v16203 Fun, imaginative money boxes
  5. Inspiration: v16070 Build your very own city from recycled materials and card
    Assemble card houses and card trees and add additional details with cut-outs from recycled materials.
  6. Inspiration: v15975 Cones made from handmade paper
  7. Inspiration: v15931 A robot from a cardboard tube
  8. Inspiration: v15934 A papier-mâché head decorated with paint
    Make a 3D portrait by attaching a balloon onto a card tube covered with duct tape and cover the balloon and the tube with papier-mâché pulp. When dry, paint the head with craft paint.
  9. Inspiration: v15926 A caterpillar from an egg tray
  10. Inspiration: v15767 Shiny star hanging decorations made from Sticky Base and glitter
    Make a hanging star from Sticky Base mixed with artificial snow glitter in different variants. Mould the star inside a shape cutter and leave to dry.
  11. Inspiration: v15848 Bead decoration on hair claws

Items 1-36 of 722

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