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Become inspired and immerse yourself in traditional needlework. Here you will find tons of free ideas for knitting, sewing, embroidery and crochet and much more - for example: free knitting recipes. All ideas have a step by step guide, so you receive thorough instruction without skipping details.

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  1. Inspiration: v16181 A sandwich from felt with embroidered details
    It is easy to cut out and sew play food from felt to use in the play kitchen.
  2. Inspiration: v14939 Rya Animal Cushions
  3. Inspiration: v14898 A Clasp Purse from faux Leather Paper
    This purse is made from faux leather paper using a template and the instructions included with the purse clasp. Decorations are punched out using the die-cutting machine. They are glued onto a brooch back and then attached onto the purse for decoration. Alternatively they are attached onto a keyring.
  4. Inspiration: v14567 Cherubs made from Polystyrene Balls with Needle Felting
    Both of these angels are made from two polystyrene balls.They are decorated with carded wool which is felted on with a felting needle. Small cut-out pieces of felt (wings, hands and feet) and hair made from yarn are felted on . A piece of string for hanging is glued on.
  5. Inspiration: v14391 An Angel made from Craft Felt
  6. Inspiration: v12282 Chinese Girls with Pom-poms
  7. Inspiration: v12202 Templates for Card Hanging Decorations
    These hanging decorations on birch branches are made from card, tissue paper, self-adhesive googly eyes and glitter pom-poms. They are made using templates which are available as a separate PDF files for this idea.
  8. Inspiration: v11932 The Three Wise Men
  9. Inspiration: v1299 Baskets made from Gold Paper

32 Items

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