Card Hearts in a 3D Frame with a Glass Front


The red card hearts are made using a Pop-up punch. They are then attached in a row in a 3D framed box with a glass front. The wooden frame and box are painted with black paint beforehand and the inside is lined with design paper.

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Card Hearts in a 3D Frame with a Glass Front
Card Hearts in a 3D Frame with a Glass Front

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    The 3D wooden pine frame consists of three parts; the glass, the frame and a box. Paint all surfaces of the frame and the box with black Plus Color craft paint. Let it dry.
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    Cut a 17.5 x 12.5cm piece of Vivi Gade design paper. Attach double-sided adhesive tape onto the back of the design paper and attach it to the inside of the bottom of the box as a lining.
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    Draw three 5 x 5cm squares of red card.
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    Make a punched-out design in each square using the Pop-up punch. Cut out the three squares.
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    Fold up the outer part of the punched-out heart, so it appears in 3D and attach 3D foam pads onto the back of each heart. NB: use two foam pads on top of each other in order to maximise the height.
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    Attach the hearts in a row onto the design paper lining the bottom of the box.
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    Assemble the three parts of the 3D frame.
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