Bunting with Vivi Gade Design Fabric (the Copenhagen series)


Each flag and the hanging itself is made from Vivi Gade Design fabric (the Copenhagen series).

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Bunting with Vivi Gade Design Fabric (the Copenhagen series)
Bunting with Vivi Gade Design Fabric (the Copenhagen series)

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    How to do it
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    Print the template, which is available as a separate PDF file to this idea. Cut out the template and place it on the reverse side of the fabric, then copy and cut out. Please note that two flag cut-outs are used for making one flag. You may choose to double over the fabric and adjust the numbers of flags needed for the garland.
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    Sew the flags together (right side against right side) – only sew together the two long sides of the flag.
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    Trim the excess fabric at the tip of the flag and turn the flag inside out. You may use the end of a pencil to straighten out the tip of the flag completely. Iron all the flags well, pressing the seams.
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    Ribbon for hanging. Cut a long strip of fabric to your chosen length. The strip of fabric shown here measures 2m x 5cm. Double over the strip and iron it together along the length. On each side of the fold in the middle, make a new fold approx. 5mm from the edge, and iron. NB: this is done to prevent the fabric strip from unravelling when sewing it together with the flags.
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    Place the horizontal side of each flag inside the middle fold of the long strip of fabric. NB: allow approx. 7.5cm between each flag.
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    Close the strip of fabric around each flag and fold the flag over the strip. Secure with pins.
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    Sew the flags and the strip of fabric together by sewing along the strip of fabric along the top and bottom of the strip. Sew the strip of fabric together at each end.
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