Boiled Sweets


Boiled sweets are made of sugar, dextrose monohydrate and water, which are heated. Then flavour and colour is added. A fun activity for everyone, and a great gift for someone you like. This picture is borrowed from "Børnenes Bolsjebog" by Pia Krøyer, Publisher Olivia.

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Step 1   1. Mix water, sugar and dextrose monohydrate in a pot until sugar dissolves. Bring mixture to boil over ¾ heat with lid on. Continue boiling 1 minute with lid on without stirring, washing down any sugar that form on the sides of the saucepan. Continue boiling without lid on and without stirring in the mixture until the temperature reaches 162° C. Do not allow the thermometer to touch the bottom of the pot - it will give a false reading
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Step 2   Pour the mixture into lightly oiled silpat mat, which is placed on a clean baking plate with a towel under to protect the table against heat.
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Step 3   After approx. 1 minute add flavourings (flavours and essential oils). Add them in the middle of the mixture and fold immediately together. Knead the mixture with lightly oiled plastic scrapers. Some people experience that boiled sweets crystallize. This happens typically when the baking plate gets too hot. As a result the mixture does not cool down in the right way before the colour and flavour is added. A great idea is to change the baking plate to a cold plate after 3-4 portions.
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Step 4   Knead with the plastic scrapers, but hand knead as soon as possible. Use light movements so that the hands only are in touch with the mixture for a short time. If you want it is possible to pull the mixture, i. e. pull the mixture long, fold the ends together and then pull again so that you mix in air. Continue until the mixture is more bright, glossy and more transparent.
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Step 5   Cut triangular boiled sweets by cutting off a boiled sweet from the roll, turn the roll a quarter round and cut off a new boiled sweet. Do not let the hot boiled sweets touch each other as they will hang together. Pack the boiled sweets down as soon as they are cold.
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Boiled sweets starter set   Detailed instruction is included in the starter sets
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