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Batik dye

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Water-based fabric dye for dyeing cotton fabric in a dye bath etc. 100 ml fabric dye is enough to dye 700 g white cotton fabric (the black fabric dye is enough to dye 350 g fabric). Add water, fine salt and fixing agent to the fabric which is then machine-washable

Dye bath: Dissolve 1 kg fine salt in 2 litres of warm water in a tub. Pour another 4 l of 30-60°C warm water into the tub. The colder the water, the lighter the colour.The warmer the water, the darker and more intense the colour. Add 100 ml fabric dye and 200 g fixing agent to the tub. Stir – and the dye bath is ready. Submerge the cotton fabric items in the dye bath between 5 and 20 min. The longer, the darker the colour – and vice versa. Use disposable gloves. Rinse the cotton fabric items several times in water until the water is clean. Finish by washing the cotton fabric items in the washing machine. When dyeing cotton fabric items in the washing machine, place the cotton fabric items inside the washing machine, add fine salt, fabric dye and fixing agent dissolved in 1 l water directly into the washing machine drum and wash between 30-60°C.

Fabric dye can be used for complete dyeing of white cotton fabric (in a dye bath or in the washing machine). The dye may also be used for fabric dye techniques (in a dye bath), creating exciting effects by masking sections of fabric using elastic bands, string, pegs etc. This is a very popular activity with lots of built-in creativity and possibilities. 100 ml is enough to dye approx. 700 g white cotton fabric or 350 g black fabric.

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SeasonBasic craft
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Content quantity 100 ml
EUH208 Contains CMIT/MIT (3:1), BIT. May produce an allergic reaction.
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