Basic DIY kits

With one of our basic DIY kits, you can never be on the wrong side. The kits contain various creative materials that you can explore. Here are DIY kits within a wide selection of fun activities for children as well as adults who like to immerse themselves in creativity.



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Basic kits packed with creativity

What is a basic kitand where can I get hold of one? Basic kits are boxes that contain everything you need to be creative, whether alone or with family and friends. All the necessary basic materials and instructions are included in the boxes, making it super easy for you to dive into fun activities on weekdays and holidays. Whether you want to paint, cut out designs in card and paper or build fun figures, you can definitely find one or more Craft Kits that match what you wish to make. If you want to try one of our popular basic kits, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we've gathered all our basic kits in one place – from Craft Kits, Starter Craft Kits and Mini Craft KIts to craft supply mixes and creative boxes. This gives you an overview of our wide range of creative and fun activities. This page is the perfect place to look if you're searching for fun activities for adults or children.


Fun activities with Craft Kits

If you’re full of creative ideas then you probably love DIY, where you get to make things from scratch. The great thing about DIY is that you get close to the individual materials and see how things are made from start to finish. This lets you control the process and the final expression of the object you make – which is the best thing about DIY. For example, when you make DIY ornaments and hanging decorations, you can let them match your personal style, as opposed to if you buy them in the shops. Try our many Craft Kits and start small creative projects where you can freely play with materials such as yarn, beads, pom-poms, paper and cardboard etc. You can use the finished items as homemade gifts to give to loved ones.

Take a look at our universe of creative ideas and find inspiration for what your family can do together.


Plenty of learning, immersion and cosy family time

If you're still not convinced about trying one of our basic kits, keep reading – because here comes the best reason to give them a go:

  • Quality family time

What better way to gather the whole family around the table than with a creative activity? Especially when the holidays arrive, it’s nice to have something that's entertaining and stimulating for children and adults alike. Fortunately, our Craft Kits, Mini Craft Kits, Starter Craft Kits and Maxi Craft Kits are so full of fun activities that you won't run dry for ways to keep everyone happy anytime soon.

  • Immersion

When everyday life is filled with chores and practical jobs, a creative project can work wonders. Because when you're creative, you dive into a world where you can immerse yourself fully in the process. You'll become so absorbed in what you do that your sense of time and place will often disappear completely. In this way, creativity can have an almost meditative, therapeutic effect.

  • Learning

In addition to immersion and quality family time, there's also a lot of learning to be gained from our basic kits. You can learn more about a specific hobby, technique or material, and if the children are involved from the sidelines, they can learn a lot about colours and shapes. Learning is therefore a big part of our basic kits.

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