An XL Doll made from Imitation Fabric


The large doll is made by using a marker to draw the outline of a person lying on a doubled-over piece of imitation fabric. The figure is painted with A-Color matt paint. Leave to dry before cutting it out. Fill with blank newspaper and staple together.

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An XL Doll made from Imitation Fabric
An XL Doll made from Imitation Fabric

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    How to do it
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    Double-over the imitation fabric and ask a person to lie down on the fabric. Draw the outline of the person using a black marker.
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    Paint the figure with A-Color matt paint and let it dry.
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    Cut out the painted figure. Remember to cut out both layers of fabric; a front and a back of the doll.
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    Staple the front and the back of the doll together and stuff it with scrunched up blank newspaper as you go along the process. NB: do not use too much newspaper – otherwise the doll becomes too stiff.
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    You may attach one or two pieces of string at the top for hanging.
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