An Advent Wreath with a Metal Star, Toadstools, Spruce, Pine Cones and mixed Wood Pieces

SKU: v15444

Make your own Advent decoration with oasis floral foam as a base. The Advent decoration is decorated with a metal star, spruce, pine cones, mixed wood pieces and wooden toadstools decorated with mini glass beads.

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Paint the bottom half of the wooden tray. Attach masking tape at a height of 3.5cm to get a straight edge. Also, paint the cap of the wooden toadstools.
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Place the oasis floral foam in a tub with water, to soak up the water. Line the tray with thick plastic. Trim the oasis floral foam and place it inside the tray mainly where you want to place the candles. Do not fill the entire tray with oasis floral foam. Place pine cones and pieces of wood in the gaps.
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Cut a small recess into the oasis floral foam before pushing metal candle holders into place. Insert the big metal star into the oasis floral foam. Place several layers of wooden sticks onto the decoration with the flat side facing up. Glue the wooden sticks onto pine cones and the previously inserted wooden sticks using a glue gun.
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Remove the needles from the bottom couple of cm of the spruce twigs and push them into the oasis floral foam. Begin by inserting the spruce twigs horizontally into the oasis floral foam along the edge of the tray. Remove the roots from houseleek and push the houseleek onto a wooden stick. Push the wooden stick into the oasis floral foam.
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Cover the of toadstool caps with a thin coat of sticky base transparent, self-hardening modelling gel and attach large, white mini glass beads. Dab the toadstool caps in a bowl containing red small mini glass beads to cover the cap of the toadstools completely.
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Use a glue gun for gluing the toadstools onto the different levels of wooden sticks. Cut a bit off the wire on the artificial berries and insert them at the bottom of the decoration in groups of two or three. Glue large mini glass beads onto the decoration, for example, on the pine cones.
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