An Advent wreath decorated with natural materials and LED candles


Make and an Advent wreath by tying sisal fibres and soft juniper branches around a straw wreath. Decorate the wreath further with cones, artificial berries, nuts, star anise and miniature Father Christmas figures. Push metal candle holders with LED candles into the wreath.

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1   Cover a straw wreath with juniper branches, each measuring approx. 7 cm as well as tufts of white sisal fibres. Secure these with florist wire. Make sure to stagger the branches so that each layer overlaps the previous layer in order to cover the wreath completely. Attach white artificial berries onto the covered wreath.
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2   Attach florist wire onto cones by feeding the florist wire underneath the bottom row of scales and twisting the ends together.
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3   Tie the cones onto the decorated wreath.
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4   Decorate one half of the wreath more than the other half. Tie on more sisal fibres here and there and attach nuts, star anise and miniature Father Christmas figures onto the wreath with a glue gun. Secure the metal candle holders with LED candles on the opposite side of the wreath.
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5   Cut four pieces of red jute wire, each measuring 18-20 cm. Secure one end of the jute wire on the inside of the wreath and carefully wrap the wire around to the outside of the wreath. Secure the other end of the wire onto the outside of the wreath. Repeat with the remaining three pieces of jute wire. Finish by arranging a few sisal fibres on top of the wreath for an airy look.
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