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Complete craft assortment box with 24 creative ideas for staging your Christmas elf in front of the 'elf door' throughout December, with everything you need to make the scenes. It's easy to get started using the instructions supplied.

On the back of the box there are 24 pictures, each showing a fun activity for the elf to do every day from the 1st to the 24th December. For example, the elf can put up some Christmas decorations, cut down a Christmas tree, colour in a colouring book, build a snowman, play a memory game, etc. The activities are designed to be staged by the adults, so that the child is surprised by what the elf has got up to during the night. Some of the activities can be done by the children themselves. You can stick to the order shown or make a small story yourself, so that the elf follows your own Christmas traditions on the individual days – for example, baking on the same day as your family. On the inspiration sheet inside the box you can see what you need for the activity in question, while via the QR code printed on the box, you can watch a short inspiration video of how to bring the ideas to life

Set up the activities in front of the elf door or the elf house, depending on where your elf lives and what traditions are practiced in your home. Please note that the elf's door is not included in this set, but must be purchased separately. This elf door offers an easy solution that allows you to be both creative and make your own elements for activities in front of the elf's door that add to the excitement of counting down to Christmas for the children

Contents: Silk Clay, metallic paper, polystyrene balls, felt, jute fabric, Christmas trees, wooden spools, sled, clogs, cutting board, rolling pin, bowl, cotton yarn, beads, pom-poms, clips, double-sided adhesive tape, wooden sticks, glue, wooden discs, pipe cleaners, string made from bast fibre, coloured pencils

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