A Wet-Felted Scarf

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The wool is placed on the lining fabric in a grid pattern. It is moistened with water and soap and then hand-felted together. Finish the felting in the tumble dryer or the washing machine.

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A Wet-Felted Scarf
A Wet-Felted Scarf

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    Place the lining fabric on the table (approx. 250cm). Arrange the Merino wool in thin lines in a grid pattern approx. 20 cm shorter than the lining fabric at both ends.
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    Pull out small wide wads of wool and fill in the chosen areas of the pattern. Place the wool in a staggered fashion and then add another layer of wool at right angles.
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    Moisten the wool with a sprinkler bottle containing warm water and soap.
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    Place a piece of tulle on top and press with both hands until all the wool is wet. Then hand-felt until the wool sticks lightly together.
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    Remove the tulle and place the end of the lining fabric down over the wool. Roll it together.
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    The rolled up fabric is held together with three or four elastic bands.
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    Finish the felting of the scarf in the tumble dryer at high heat or in the washing machine at 40°C. Place a couple of large towels underneath the fabric during the felting in the washing machine or dryer.
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