A Wedding Invitation with Satin Ribbon and Manilla Tags decorated with Puffy Stickers


Make your own stylish wedding invitations with satin ribbon wrapped around them, finished with a bow and decorated with manilla tags and puffy stickers.

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1   Tie a satin ribbon measuring approx. 120 cm four times around the invitation.
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2   Make a bow by arranging a ribbon three times around in a circle as illustrated in the photo.
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3   Gather both ends in the middle and tie them together to finish the bow.
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4   Print out your text and cut it out as a manilla tag following the template attached as a PDF file on this page.
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5   Make a hole in your cut-out manilla tag and a white manilla tag at the same time using a screw punch.
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6   Tie both manilla tags onto the wedding invitation.
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7   Tie the bow onto the ribbon, pulling the ribbon together.
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8   Trim the ends.
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9   Decorate the manilla tags with puffy stickers.
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