A Wall Clock decorated with Silk Clay Planets, Star Stickers and Bonsai Wire


Make your own wall clock with inspiration in the solar system. Planets made from polystyrene balls covered with Silk Clay as well as star stickers indicate the hours in this creative wall clock. All the planets and stars are attached with bonsai wire.

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A Wall Clock decorated with Silk Clay Planets, Star Stickers and Bonsai Wire
A Wall Clock decorated with Silk Clay Planets, Star Stickers and Bonsai Wire

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    How to do it
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    Assemble the clock mechanism except the hands.
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    Twist a 40 g tub of yellow Silk Clay with a bit of white, red and orange Silk Clay. Knead and twist to achieve the correct effect. If you knead for too long, you risk mixing the colours together to form one uniform mass.
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    Roll the Silk Clay to make a semi circular ball (the sun). Make a hole all the way through the middle with a modelling tool.
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    Press the Silk Clay ball around the clock mechanism. The middle of the clock mechanism should protrude through the sun and be above the surface.
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    Assemble the rest of the clock mechanism (follow the instructions on the packaging).
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    Make the planets by covering small polystyrene balls with Silk Clay which – like the sun –are mixed with different colours.
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    Twist the colours and mix them lightly.
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    Cover a polystyrene ball with the Silk Clay mixture.
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    Roll the ball between the palms of your hands until it is even.
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    Here we show what colours of Silk Clay are mixed together to achieve the look of the various planets in this idea.
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    Cut 12 pieces of bonsai wire to different lengths, enabling you to attach planets and stars with a different distance to the sun.
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    Assemble the planets and the sun by pushing the planets onto one end of the bonsai wire and the other end into the sun. If you cannot push the bonsai wire into the sun far enough for it to be stable, then use some Sticky Base transparent, self-hardening modelling gel or some glue to secure it. Make sure that the planets are in the right order in relation to the clock; i.e. that the planet for 12 o'clock is directly opposite the planet for 6 o'clock. Remember all 12 pieces of bonsai wire.
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    Decorate the last two pieces of bonsai wire that haven't got a planet using star stickers. You may stick two identical star stickers together around a piece of bonsai wire.
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    You may decorate the rest of the wall clock with a few extra stars.
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