A tri-fold Card with Half a punched- out Heart using the Die-Cutting Machine


A textured card tri-fold wedding invitation. A heart is part punched out using a die and rolled through the die-cutting machine. Craft paper with text is glued onto the right hand section inside the card.

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1   Measure three equal sections on the card and score the lines. Fold the card around a ruler for a sharper fold.
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2   Place the heart from the die (No. 3 from the set) onto the front of the card and attach it loosely using masking tape. (The cutting side of the heart faces down towards the card). Push a thin needle through the top and the bottom to mark the middle line of the heart.
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3   Place the cutting mat from the die-cutting machine onto the back of the card where the needle holes are marked. Attach the card onto the cutting mat with masking tape.
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4   Place the card with the die and the cutting mat inside the die-cutting machine on top of the platform (the thick plate). Now roll the layers through the die-cutting machine.
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5   Score along the middle of the heart and fold the die-cut heart outward.
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6   Cut a piece of text craft paper to fit a section. Attach it onto the right hand section inside the card with double-sided adhesive tape.
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7   Punch out the same size of heart from glitter paper. Set the die-cutting machine on the firmest setting and punch it out.
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8   Attach the glitter paper heart onto the back of the die-cut heart using double-sided adhesive tape.
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9   Cut glitter paper borders. Punch out a heart from text kraft paper using the smallest die and glue all the parts onto the front of the invitation. Attach rhinestone half pearls.
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10   The finished wedding invitation. Write text, print it out, trim and glue it onto one of the sections inside the invitation.
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