A Shaun the Sheep yoyo with Foam Clay


Make your own Shaun the Sheep yoyo from two halved polystyrene balls which are attached onto each side of a bobbin using Foam Clay. Tie cotton twine onto the bobbin enabling the yoyo to spin.

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A Shaun the Sheep yoyo with Foam Clay
A Shaun the Sheep yoyo with Foam Clay

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    How to do it
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    Cut the polystyrene ball in half to make two semi circles. Cover the two flat ends with Foam Clay.
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    Attach the two semi circles onto each side of a wooden bobbin whilst the Foam Clay is still moist. Foam Clay sticks onto wood which means that the two semi circles will stick onto the wooden bobbin without using glue.
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    Model lots of small white Foam Clay balls and attach an equal amount of the balls onto both semi circles.
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    Model details for the sheep; the head, the ears and the legs are made from black Silk Clay. The tail and "hair" are made from white Foam Clay.
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    Attach all the parts onto the body. Attach self-adhesive googly eyes and make nostrils using the pointed end of a pencil.
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    Here is the figure with all the details attached onto the body.
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    Leave the figure to dry completely before the next step. Foam Clay air dries within 24 hours.
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    Tie a piece of cotton twine tightly around the bobbin and make a knot. You may use a blob of glue to keep the cotton twine in place.
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    Cut the cotton twine at a suitable length. Tie a loop at the end for a finger to fit through. Wind the twine around the bobbin and the yoyo is now ready for use.
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