A shaker card made from handmade paper

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Make a shaker card from handmade paper, double-sided adhesive 3D foam pad and hard foil. The front of the card is filled with glitter, sequins and mini glass beads behind a piece of transparent hard foil.

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How to do it
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Cut a piece of handmade paper the same size as the greeting card. Cut a 7 mm wide unbroken paper frame from the piece of handmade paper.
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Attach the frame onto the front of the greeting card using double-sided adhesive paper.
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Place the film strip die on top of the 3D foam pad. Copy the outline onto the foam pad and cut out (not the holes at the sides).
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Attach the double-sided adhesive 3D foam pad film strip onto the greeting card by removing the protective layer.
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Sprinkle a mixture of mini glass beads, glitter and sequins inside the three frames.
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Cut out the outline of the film strip die from hard foil.
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Remove the other protective layer from the front of the double-sided adhesive foam pad 'frame'. Place the hard foil cut-out on top of the 3D foam pad 'frame', enclosing the sprinkle inside.
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Punch out the film strip from handmade paper. Load the die-cutting machine as follows: "Cutting Mat" at the bottom, paper, die with the cutting side against the paper and finally "Platform" at the top as shown in the photo. Set a suitable pressure using the dial at the side.
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Attach double-sided adhesive tape onto the cut-out film strip and attach the design on top of the hard foil.
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Punch out text from handmade paper using the appropriate die.
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Apply small blobs of glue onto the back of the paper text using a glue pen and attach the text onto the front of the greeting card.
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Measure an envelope and cut out a lining from handmade paper. Deduct 1 cm from the top of the flap of the envelope so that the glue on the inside of the envelope is still visible. Line the envelope with the handmade paper and attach with double-sided adhesive tape.
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You may punch out extra text and glue it onto the front of the envelope.
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