A seat for a stool using a punch needle


Make a needle-punched embroidered seat for a wooden stool using woollen yarn on aida fabric.

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A seat for a stool using a punch needle
A seat for a stool using a punch needle

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    How to do it
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    Draw a circle onto the aida fabric with the same measurement as the stool seat. The seat is 26 cm in diameter, so you will need a piece of aida fabric measuring approx. 42 x 42 cm.
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    Copy the striped design from the template which is available as a PDF file on this page onto the aida fabric.
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    Assemble the multi frame to fit the aida fabric.
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    Attach the aida fabric onto the multi frame using an Ergo stapler; not too secure as the fabric needs to come off again.
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    Thread the punch needle following the instructions on the packaging. Always make sure to have unwound loose wool. Punch into every other hole in the aida fabric with the punch needle adjusting the needle to setting A which makes the longest loop. Punch from the back of the aida fabric.
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    When you have finished embroidering all the sections, carefully secure all the ends with a yarn needle. Alternatively trim all the ends to 3-4 cm and secure with decoupage lacquer for fabric.
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    Fix the entire back of the needle-punched design by applying a thick coat of decoupage lacquer for fabric all over the back. Leave to dry.
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    Trim the aida fabric leaving a 3 cm border as shown in the photo.
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    Attach the embroidered aida fabric onto the stool seat. First staple once every quarter of the way around. Always pull the fabric taut before stapling. Now staple once between each quarter and then once in between each staple. Make pleats with the remaining fabric. You may fix the edge of the fabric with decoupage lacquer for fabric to avoid it unravelling. Finish by screwing on the legs.
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